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Directions to LHI + Map

LHI, 1349 Neal Road, San Antonio, TX  78264




Directions to Land Heritage Institute (LHI)

from downtown San Antonio, TX:

•  Go south on Interstate 35 toward Laredo.

•  About 5 miles south of downtown, take Exit 149 marked TX 422/SPUR/TX-16 S --Poteet/Palo Alto Road.

•  After exiting, continue on frontage road to the traffic light.

•  At traffic light, turn left onto Poteet Jourdanton Fwy/TX-422 Spur S.  •  You will be traveling about 7 miles total before your next turn.

•  The road you are on will cross under Loop 410 and the name will change to TX -16 S.  

•  After crossing under Loop 410, travel about 5 miles.

•  Just past the Leon Creek Bridge, at traffic light, turn left onto TX- 66 Spur E. / Lone Star Pass. This will also be marked "Toyota Manufacturing Plant".

    • Continue on Lone Star Pass until it ends at Applewhite Road at a "T" intersection.

    •Take a right on Applewhite.

•  Continue about 2 miles on Applewhite through a traffic light and across the Medina River Bridge.

•  Take first left after Medina River Bridge onto Neal Road.

•  Travel a little over a mile on Neal to where you see a driveway "y"off to the left.

•  That is LHI's main gate.  It is a double gate with cedar stave stockade style fencing  on either side.  There may be LHI signs out.  

•  Once you have entered LHI, continue on interior road about a mile or so till you see another sign and pavement stops.  

    • Take a right up driveway to LHI Headquarters (HQ).


Coming down I-37/281:,+San+Antonio,+TX&daddr=29.3607937,-98.4390948+to:Land+Heritage+Institute,+1349+Neal+Rd,+San+Antonio,+TX&hl=en&ll=29.281608,-98.551655&spn=0.118434,0.154324&sll=29.246491,-98.512645&sspn=0.029619,0.038581&geocode=FeP2xAEdzJ4e-ilFMJMlVGVchjHU68gqpPDjQg%3BFZkCwAEdSvAh-intpJW_CvdchjGmAzjfAPNWPw%3BFRYovgEdzJog-iFsavGqV_lKaym_SHFuf1ZchjFsavGqV_lKaw&t=h&mra=ls&z=13&via=1


Coming by way of I-10/I-35:,+San+Antonio,+TX&daddr=Land+Heritage+Institute,+1349+Neal+Rd,+San+Antonio,+TX&hl=en&ll=29.291938,-98.531227&spn=0.118422,0.154324&sll=29.246491,-98.512645&sspn=0.029619,0.038581&geocode=FeP2xAEdzJ4e-ilFMJMlVGVchjHU68gqpPDjQg%3BFRYovgEdzJog-iFsavGqV_lKaym_SHFuf1ZchjFsavGqV_lKaw&t=h&mra=ls&z=13